Instalatorul este acea persoana specializata in lucrari de montare si de reparare si intretinere a diverselor echipamente tehnico-sanitare.

Instalator autorizat în Constanta, Mamaia, Eforie, etc. pentru remedierea problemelor aparute la instalatile sanitare, termice – inlocuire tevi (PPR, polietilena, pexal, cupru), instalare de robineti si apometre, inlocuire baterii (pentru dus sau chiuvete), inlocuire obiecte sanitare (chiuvete, vase WC, rezervoare WC, cazi de baie, cabine de dus), instalare masina de spalat, inlocuit instalatie sanitara (conducte + robineti trecere), inlocuire robinet trecere, reabilitare instalatie canalizare, reparatii instalatii subsol blocuri.

Pentru a deveni instalator e necesar sa urmati un curs de calificare profesionala de unde veti primi un certificat de calificare ce va permite exercitarea respectivei meserii.

Pregatirea practica e necesara deoarece pune in aplicare cunostintele teoretice dobandite pe timpul cursului de calificare, experienta si bagajul de cunostinte cu care vii de acasa reprezinta un avantaj in practicarea meseriei de instalator.

Activitati aferente meseriei de instalator

  • Proiectare instalatii termice sii sanitare
  • Montaj instalatii, utilaje si echipamente;
  • Punere în functiune;
  • Procurare materiale, utilaje si echipamente;
  • Reparatii si modernizari;
  • Service în perioada de garantie si postgarantie;
  • Asistenta tehnica;
  • Retele exterioare de alimentare apa;
  • Retele exterioare de canalizare apa menajera si pluviala;
  • Retele exterioare alimentare apa incendiu;
  • Bransamente;
  • Instalatii sanitare interioare;
  • Instalatii canalizare pluviala.


Alte operatiuni ce pot fi oferite de un instalator:

Interventii / reparatii Instalatii sanitare

  • Inlocuit / reparat tevi, coloane, scurgeri, racorduri, robineti, obiecte sanitare
  • Inlocuit / curatat / aerisit calorifere
  • Desfundat chiuveta, cada baie, sifon de pardoseala, vas WC
  • Instalare sisteme de tra filtrare apa
  • Instalare masina de spalat
  • Instalare/ Intretinere hidrofoare si boilere
  • Instalare centrale termice
  • Instalare aer conditionat
  • Instalare echipamente decentrale termiceapa

Montaj centrale termice Constanta

  • Instalare centrale termice Motan
  • Montaj centrale termice Ariston
  • Montaj centrale termice Buderus
  • Montaj centrale termice Ferroli
  • Montaj centrale termice Bosch
  • Montaj centrale termice Saunier Duval
  • Montaj centrale termice Viessmann

Characteristics of polypropylene pipelines

The physical and mechanical properties of polypropylene recommend it for the installation of sanitary and heating installations.

This material resists chemical corrosion, can come in direct contact with construction materials and it is not necessary to protect them with insulation.

The operating temperature ranges from – 20 to + 95 ° C. The homogeneous and compact structure prevents the formation of limestone deposits inside them.

This material is a good acoustic insulator that sensitively reduces the noise produced by the fluids circulating inside these pipes. The ease of assembly allows for easy handling, resulting in an important time saving.

Pipe joining takes place by welding the same PPR fittings, assembled by means of an electric hob called polifuzer, and the operation is called polyphasing. This type of connection ensures perfect welding, eliminating any risk of pressure loss.

The pipes used in the heating system have a composite or aluminum fiber insertand are registered in the PN 10 pressure class, the insertion having a role both in dilatation processing and as a barrier against the active oxygen diffusion that develops in the system. Cold water installations or drainage channels are free of insertion.

External routes must be carried out using insulation – protection elements, as the direct exposure of the polypropylene pipeline to ultraviolet rays will cause their degradation.

Solar rays will decompose the polymers from the outer layer of the polypropylene pipeline, generating a process of grinding from the outside to the inside.

The PPR pipe is resistant to frost, in some situations it may deteriorate in case of low temperatures, pipes without fiber insertion, will give up the pressure of the ice.

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